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10 techniques to lower your taxes

🔍 You are concerned if you have at least 10,000 euros in your company's bank account of your French company or if you are based in Portugal.

💸 At the end of the year, you will have to pay +30% of your company's money to the state in the form of tax.

🤝 After spending 4 years helping +100 entrepreneurs and solopreneurs legally move hundreds of thousands of euros out of their businesses in the most tax-efficient conditions,

📘This Ebook guides you to benefit from the best mechanisms :

1. to lower your tax

2. move money out in good conditions

3. invest your treasury to build your personal wealth.

For example:

💼 Managing a holding company or several entities to move money out with minimum tax.

🖼️Purchasing a piece of art through your company and reselling it to yourself for 5% of its initial value.

📈 Investing in Real Estate, gold, collectibles or even in the best crypto of 2023 for growth operations on your treasury in all legality or long-term investment.

💳 The entry price of the Ebook is 39 euros, it will increase every month.

💳 After payment, you will receive access to the Ebook by email.

Included in your purchase are:
🔟 10 hacks to implement
💰 Services at preferential rates
🤝 A community of entrepreneurs to help each other
📢 4 free webinars

📘With this Ebook, you can invest your company's money:
1️⃣ to lower your taxes,
2️⃣ to grow your short-term treasury,
3️⃣ Move your company's money out under the best conditions,

🎯 And finally: to build your long-term personal wealth.

🔓 True finance hacking:
Tips from a mix of knowledge coming from buy-sell investment experts, top accountants, creative tax lawyers, and wealth management advisors.

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10 techniques validated by lawyers to lower your taxes
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10 techniques to lower your taxes

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